This is Dare. This is what we do.

We are a new digital agency.

‘New?’, we hear you say, ‘isn’t digital yesterday’s revolution?’

Well, no.

We think digital has only just begun.

That we are only at the beginning of the beginning.

If this were the industrial revolution then right now we would be at the stage
when Stephenson’s Rocket was steaming its way from Liverpool to Manchester.

Digital during the heady millennial days was all about 8 bit graphics, reuniting friends and ripping music.
Yes, it was all about firsts, but these firsts were essentially analogue ideas executed for the digital space.

The explosion of social media left marketeers with more channels
than they knew what to do with, ushering in the need to make sure
every idea was integrated to the nth degree.

But still nothing really changed.

In a socially lubricated world the poor consumer was left with even more messages they didn’t want, and one too many ‘friends’.

Then something truly radical happened.

Everything became connected.

Integration became redundant.

And the potential of the internet that the early pioneers first saw over 15 years ago finally started to be realised.

We’re no prophets here. Many people saw this way before us and have taken advantage of it,
creating new business models, which serve the customer across this digitally connected space.

The likes of Soundcloud, Uber and Simple bank, to name a few,
have all created whole businesses providing a superlative customer experience
suited to today’s demanding consumer.

Bringing us neatly back to the beginning. To us this is new digital.
It starts with great customer experience, connected digitally.

Get it right and you can help transform a business.

Which is exactly what we do.

This is Dare.

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